CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.3


CommuniGate Pro Domains can contain Forwarder objects. A Forwarder is an E-mail address associated with the Forwarder name. All E-mail messages and Signals directed to the Forwarder name are rerouted to the Forwarder address.

Forwarders work exactly as the Router alias records. A Forwarder jim in the Domain containing the john@otherdomain.dom address acts as the following Router record:

Relay:<> =

Forwarders allow the Server administrator to keep the Router table small.

Forwarders can be set by Domain Administrators, while the Router can be modified by the Server Administrator only.

A Server Administrator with the Can Modify All Accounts And Domain Settings access right can create, update, rename, and remove Forwarders in any Domain.

Domain Administrators can create, update, rename, and remove Forwarders in their Domains if they have the CanCreateForwarders access right.

Creating Forwarders

To create a Forwarder, open the Domain Object list page. The list of the Domain Objects (optionally including the Forwarders) appears:

Forward to:

To create a new Forwarder enter its name and the address to forward to, then click the Create Forwarder button.
The selected Forwarder name should meet the Domain Object name restrictions.

Updating Forwarding Address

To update a Forwarder, click the Forwarder name on the Objects list page. The Forwarder Settings page appears.

Forward to:

Update the string in the Forward to field and click the Update button to modify the forwarding address.

Renaming Forwarders

If you want to rename a Forwarder, open its Settings page, fill the New Forwarder Name field, and click the Rename Forwarder button.

If there is no other Object with the same name as the specified new Forwarder name, the Forwarder is renamed and its Settings page should reappear on the screen under the new name.

New Forwarder Name:

Removing Forwarders

If you want to remove a Forwarder, open its Settings page, and click the Remove Forwarder button.

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